Equipment Repairs

GRG Pool and Spa provides a full array of Swimming pool equipment repair and installation service at a competitive price. We repair and replace pumps, motors, heaters, timers, controls, plumbing, and all other pool/spa related equipment. We strive to keep your system in optimal condition and offer fair and honest services and advice. We can also assist in upgrading your equipment and controller to the latest energy efficient technology, including automated controls, salt chlorination systems, wireless remotes and color LED lights for an exciting green and user-friendly pool.


GRG Pool and Spa also offers design, renovation and construction services to modernize your existing pool or build the in ground pool or spa of your dreams. We can assist you to remodel your deck, tile or plaster surface, as well as add water features or other by pool accessories. We can also assist with designing a new backyard environment from the ground up and manage it all the way to completion.


Keeping your pool or spa has never been so easy or so affordable. With our "NO CONTRACTS OR OBLIGATIONS" Policy, you can receive a one-time service or regular weekly services for cleaning and maintaining your pool and spa! .

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What our Clients say!

I’m so grateful for the exceptional service provided by GRG pool and spa in Chino Hills! They transformed my swimming pool into a sparkling oasis. Their expertise and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making my pool experience truly enjoyable! Emily

Pool Remodel May 15th , 2023

If you are in the market for building a pool or pool remodel, then Gary is your guy! Here is a list and reasons why you SHOULD pick GRG for your pool project.

Design: I met with 6 different pool contractors and they all took our vision and gave us just that, basic rectangular pool and that was it. Gary took our vision and tweaked it just a little and my wife and I were instantly sold on his design.

Reliability: Gary’s crew is as reliable as they come. We saw a significant amount of rain this winter but when it was clear or even cloudy skies they were working and always making progress. Even when I would change things mid project, add additional features and upgrades Gary and his crew made it work. Started digging in late November and 100% complete by March 19.

Communication: Gary communicated with me every step of the way. Phone calls, Email and txt messages. Any questions or concerns I had he ALWAYS responded promptly. I would occasionally feel bad about contacting him and he would let me know that that’s what he is there for. He practically held our hand through the material selection process.

Workmanship: Gary’s crew did amazing work. My family and I are extremely happy with the quality of work. If we had any issues, Gary would get them fixed ASAP. Gary would also double check the crews work and address any issues himself. Check out the pictures for yourself.

Now what you have all been waiting for…..

Cost: I’m going to start with Gary wasn’t the cheapest upfront, but he also wasn’t the most expensive. All of the other pool contractors we met with gave us their price that DIDN’T include certain parts of the project. Their price upfront might have been less than GRG but then ALL of these “fees not included” or “upgrade options” wasn’t factored. Things like Permits, engineering, inspections, port-a-potty, demo and dumping, additional concrete and start up cost. A couple of contractors wanted to charge for showing me how to use the equipment they were going to put in. Gary’s price was ALL in one. He even provided a start up kit. Pool vac, skimmer, water tester, brush. He also walked me through how to use the equipment. He ended our equipment tutorial with “Call me if you have any questions or if you need help”. Things like that are truly appreciated especially since the only thing I know about pools is how to swim in them.

Summary: do yourself a favor and pick GRG! You will NOT be disappointed.

3rd January 01st , 1970

GRG is currently building a new pool , deck, and hardscape for me. They are about 75% completed. Thought I would leave a review during the process, as that’s when it it most stressful for the homeowner. So far, everything moving along great. I have made many changes during the build, some suggested by Gary. GRG has handled everything I have thrown at them very well. Can’t give the 5 stars yet , as they are not finished. I will send a final review when completed. When I was considering GRG, I read all of the reviews first. Now I understand why so many great reviews. Gary and his crew treat your job as if it their own home. They are very attentive to detail, and quality.
I will check back when completed, however at this point, very happy with what I see, and would definitely recommend GRG.

Pool and hardscape is completed. Everything is absolutely great. A few small issues along the way, Gary always was attentive, and quick to make adjustments. Never any uncomfortable moments as we all get sometimes with contractors. And I am very particular about everything. We have had family and friends over since pool was completed. Lots of complements.
100% recommend GRG.
Update: 5 stars…they deserve it

4th January 01st , 1970

Work performed was a replaster and installation of new tile for pool. The work was performed in a very competent and timely manner and at a competative price. I would use them again and recommend.

Second testimonials May 03rd , 2016

Thanks to GRG Pool & Spa we have a beautiful new pool. Gary, Chris and their staff were all exceptional to work with and provided quality craftsmanship. Gary was reliable, respectful and hands on every step of the way during construction. I highly recommend GRG Pool & Spa for your pool construction, remodel or pool service needs.

First testimonials March 02nd , 2015